Deposit Credits Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 4 March 2024
These Terms and Conditions give you detailed information about how Aera Deposit Credits (the “Credits”) work. The Credits are operated by Aera 22 Opco Limited.
Aera Deposit Credits is a rewards program for Aera Account holders. It has been created to help you reach your deposit goals faster. Aera will generate credits (as determined by Aera from time to time in Aera’s sole discretion) that can be used toward your home purchase deposit.
The credits are usable only for your first home deposit, and only if Aera has provided the associated services for which the credits have been earned or are identified as usable for.
Credits will be available once you have entered into a purchase agreement for a home, subject to utilising the relevant services through Aera and you continuing to hold an Aera Account at that time. They will be paid to your solicitor immediately prior to settlement for the sole purpose of forming part of your deposit with a lender.
Aera Deposit credits cannot be used for and hold no value for any other purpose and are automatically forfeited when you cease to actively build your deposit savings balance using your Aera account.
Aera reserves the right to change the terms of the Credits, including but not limited to with respect to eligibility, the amount or type of Credits, and the requirements for using credits, at any time and with or without notice to you.
For more information about Aera Deposit Credits, please contact us at


By registering for an account with Aera and opting into the Credits, you accept these Terms and Conditions. Aera is a financial technology company and is not a bank.

Changes to the Terms or Program

Generally, we may make changes to the Program, and this Agreement, at any time. For example, we may:
Add new terms or delete existing terms
Change how you earn the Aera Deposit Credits
Change how you use or redeem your Aera Deposit Credits
We may also temporarily prohibit you from earning Deposit Credits or using any other feature of the Program. We may supplement this Agreement with additional terms, conditions, disclosures, and agreements, which will be incorporated into this Agreement.
We may provide you notice of these types of changes in writing, which, at our option, may be delivered to you electronically through email or through our online services.

Repayment of Credits

If after you complete the purchase of your new home, within 24 months you change lender, refinance, make significant lump-sum repayments to your mortgage or significantly change or cancel any insurances Aera have arranged for you, you may be required to refund Aera some or all of your credits.

When You Will Not Be Able to Earn Credits

We may temporarily suspend your Account from earning Credits, or redeeming Credits you have earned, if any of the following occurs:
If we believe you have engaged in fraudulent activity related to your Account or the Program.
If we believe you have misused the Program in any way.

Termination of the Program

Modification; Suspension; Termination. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Program, or any features or parts thereof, whether temporarily or permanently, at any time with or without notice to you in our sole discretion.
Effect of Termination. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we shall have no additional liability or obligation to you in such an event.
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