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The faster way to your first home

Aera is the revolutionary savings platform designed to massively reduce the time it takes you to save for your first home.

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The days of needing to save for up to a decade to afford your first home are over.

With Aera you get:

A $10,000 'head-start' credit which you can begin to unlock in your Aera account from day one.

Targeted savings returns that are flexible and built with you in mind. 

Access to tier-one lenders and new home builders, meaning you can buy a brand new home with a 10% deposit.

Get a $10,000 head start

The government has axed their first home grants, so we’re picking up the slack.

When you come on the first home savings journey with Aera, you’ll get a $10,000 credit balance in your account. Credits get unlocked as we fast-track you toward your first home. 

When you use Aera services to help you save, insure, finance or buy your first home, those credits become available to put towards your deposit.

Aera is a bank-alternative dedicated to first home buyers.

We are not a registered bank, but a financial services platform helping Kiwis with a great income but an impossible deposit hurdle, get into their first home faster.

We were a little skeptical so we tested with a small amount. Within a week, we could see it growing day by day and Aera had earned our trust. Since then, we have started saving all our money with them. Our home deposit has grown much faster than if we were saving with the bank.

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Flexible withdrawals
Your security
Funds protected in trust
Your return
Compounding Daily interest

Buy a whole house with half a deposit.

When someone buys their first home, several companies such as banks, insurers,kiwisaver providers, brokers and real estate agents all make money through the feesand commissions they charge.

Even though you don’t ‘see’ these fees, they usually add up to many tens of thousands of dollars (which you could instead be putting toward your deposit).

At Aera, we're bringing all of those services together in one place, which means we could get you into a first home in around half the time it normally takes to save a deposit.
Saving Accelerator disclosures

*The chart depicts a comparison between Aera's 'Ninety' Deposit Accelerator target rate and a 'Big Four Bank' rate of a 3-month term deposit - as of 28/02/2024

**Interest rates posted are variable and may change at any time. The disclosed rate is effective as of February 28, 2024. A minimum balance may be required. Please refer to the Aera Service Disclaimer.
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Looking after your funds is our number one priority.

Instantly open everyday spending accounts, save with our Accelerators™, unlock Deposit Credits, send people money and pay bills.

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Start saving in minutes for your first home deposit.

Protection and Security

Built on banking software for 15M global customers. Control your card, change your PIN, and lock your card in-app.

peace of mind

Your funds are held securely in trust with large, reputable New Zealand registered banks and financial custodians.

Still a year away from having your first home deposit?  You might not be...

Our members are often surprised to learn that they’ve already saved enough to afford their first home.

Because we work in a very different way to everybody else, we can optimise the savings you already have to get you into your first home faster, or even straight away.
Coming soon to Auckland

Ownership Accelerator TM

MOVE in with a 2.5% Deposit

Designed to get first home buyers into their first home faster. We invest alongside you, so you can accelerate your days-to-deposit, and move in faster

Spend anywhere, save everywhere.

Our membership card works the same as any Visa card. You can spend your cash anywhere Visa is accepted and can withdraw from any ATM in the world.

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Got questions? We have answers.

Is Aera a bank?

Aera is not a registered bank. We are a financial services company that exists to help members get into their own homes, faster.

For our savings products we use similar tools as wealth management firms but we’re on a mission to pass on as much of the returns as possible to you. 

We handhold your journey into your first home from start to finish, facilitating the insurance, mortgage and real estate transactions. We support you along the way and share commissions with you from Aera services that you choose to use, which you can unlock and put towards your deposit.

How can I join Aera?

Right now we are helping thousands of kiwis with their home ownership journey. All future first home buyers are welcome, register here and then download the app to start.

What is the Aera members app?

Our member-only mobile app is home to the Aera Deposit Accelerator high interest savings offerings to help you build your first home deposit faster. It’s also where you can interact with our digital and human guides who are there to help you on the journey. 

You can view your Deposit Credit balances, account details, transaction history, send and receive money, pay bills and manage your Aera Visa membership card.

Coming soon, it will also be a place where you can set goals, manage your progress and learn a lot more about all the things you need to know and be prepared for as you work towards your first home.

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