If you’re one of the thousands of hard working Kiwis with a stable job and great income but a deposit savings journey that seems impossible, we see you.

Move into and live in your first home from just a 2.5% deposit. With the Aera First Home Accelerator TM your monthly payments work towards ownership of your house.

Accelerated Savings TM

Save your first home deposit faster with floating interest rates of up to 5%*. No lengthy lock-up terms.

Accelerated Purchase TM

A new way for people to get into their first home starting from a 2.5% deposit.
Early Access to Aera Membership

As we build towards our 2023 launch, we’re inviting Kiwis to apply for early access to the Aera’s First Home AcceleratorTM.

By registering, you’ll be the first to learn how it will work, and the first to be considered for Aera membership.

If you’re interested, sign up to join the waitlist and we’ll be in touch as we open up access.

Beyond Banking

We’re here to build a country of haves. We believe in a future Aotearoa that offers equal financial opportunities to all. We’re not a bank - we’re going beyond what banks offer, to help Kiwis that the banking system doesn’t work for. By going beyond banking, our mission is to ensure all New Zealanders have a pathway to home ownership.