Good education

Stable job

Great income

Can’t afford to own a home

Feeling left behind

We see you.

Aera is a new company going beyond banking to care for this generation of Kiwis.

We’re here to help hard working Kiwis with a great income but an impossible deposit hurdle, get into their first home faster.


Our First Home Accelerator TM
is designed to help you save for your first home faster and buy one with a much smaller deposit.

Deposit Accelerator TM

High earning savings accounts

Save your first home deposit faster. Earn 5%* with our floating on-call savings rate with no lengthy lock-ups. Earn up to 8%* on longer terms.

* Deposit Accelerator Disclosures

Ownership Accelerator TM

MOVE and LIVE IN From 2.5% Deposit

A new way for people to get into their first home. Each monthly payment work towards ownership of your house.

A 20% deposit take years to save. With Aera, get on the runway to home ownership faster.

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Our mission

We’re going beyond banking to create a country of “haves”.

We believe in a future Aotearoa that offers equal financial opportunities to all.

Where the idea that you can get ahead by working hard and saving wisely is 
true again.

our vision


Kiwis can save their first home deposit much faster.


Kiwis can buy a first home with a much smaller deposit.


Any Kiwi can feel secure in their financial future.


Branchless banking.

Aera’s mobile app lets you instantly open everyday spending and savings accounts, send people money and pay bills.

Fully digital sign up

Which means you can start saving in minutes towards your first home deposit.

Protection and Security

Built on banking software powering 15 million customers worldwide. Full card control, pin changes and card locking in-app.

peace of mind

Your funds are securely held in trust with major New Zealand registered banks and financial custodians.

Spend anywhere, save everywhere.

With a membership card that works the same as any Visa card, you can spend your cash anywhere Visa is accepted and withdraw from any ATM in the world.

Simple and easy.

24/7 access to your money
visa zero fraud
paywave ready
apple & google pay

community stories

We are here for ordinary people who aren’t currently being served by the banks.


Got questions? We have answers.

How can I join Aera?  

Right now we are accepting registrations for Early Access. You can express your interest here and we will be in touch soon. We will be inviting members who have strong incomes and are already actively saving, to join and build their first home deposit using the Deposit Accelerator.

How can I sign up for the First Home Accelerator?

The first step is to express your interest for Early Access to Aera membership here. We will be steadily inviting members to onboard in the coming months and join the Deposit Accelerator to build their first home deposit and savings history. When the Ownership Accelerator becomes available later in the year, members who have been actively saving with Aera for at least six months will be eligible to apply.

What is the Aera members app?

Our member-only mobile app is home to the Aera Deposit Accelerator high interest savings offerings to help you build your first-home deposit faster. It’s also where you can view your account details, transaction history and where you can send and receive money, pay bills and manage your Aera Visa membership card.

How does the Ownership Accelerator compare to renting and saving?

The Ownership Accelerator will let Kiwis move into their first home with a much smaller deposit. Making monthly payments will both cover rent and build towards ownership of the house itself at a price you know in advance. If that market has risen above this price, your equity ownership accelerates much faster.

It’s designed for Kiwis who have great incomes and could service a reasonable mortgage, but are struggling to reach their deposit goals. We will be starting in Auckland with homes valued between $600,000-$1m and feel the immediate benefits of living in a home you’re on track to buy.

How will the Ownership Accelerator work?

First up, new members will need to open a Deposit Accelerator account to start earning high interest and building towards a deposit starter and a savings track record with Aera. From there, the steps will be:

  • Apply for Ownership Accelerator. In 2023, we will be launching with a very limited number of families and homes. We will start in Auckland.
  • Pay a Deposit Starter. When you secure a home, you will be required to pay at least 2.5% of the property purchase price gets you started on the journey to owning your first home.
  • Make monthly payments and build your deposit credit. Your monthly payments cover both your rent and build a deposit credit in your home. Each year you will build up another 2 - 3 % in your home.
  • Buy your home outright. Within 3-8 years, when you’re mortgage-ready you buy the home at an  agreed price which will be known from day 1. You will only pay that price minus however much deposit credit you’ve built up.
  • Congratulations! You now own your own home.

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