Service Disclaimer

We retain full discretion as to whether you will be eligible to take part in the next stage of Accelerated Savings or Accelerated Ownership (the Products). By registering for early access to learn more it does not necessarily mean you will be able to continue to participate, or acquire a home through us.

We are not (and are not required to be) a registered bank or a licensed non-bank deposit taker (NBDT).  Our Savings Products are less regulated than other forms of saving, such as deposits with a bank or a licensed NBDT, meaning you may have fewer protections if things go wrong.  Our Savings Products are based, however, on holding assets on trust for you, so you do have protection as a beneficiary of a trust, and not simply as a creditor.

The Products are new and currently under development. We are not currently accepting any applications or moneys in the Products, or providing any services (including advice) to you. We do not make any warranty or representation that the Product and our services will be uninterrupted, secure, error-free, of any quality, or fit for any particular purpose.

We do not give any recommendation or opinion as to whether you should use the Product or our services, or financial products generally. Before deciding whether to proceed with the arrangement, you should make your own assessment of the risks and whether such an arrangement is suitable for you, having regard to any information we provide you, your personal circumstances and following consultation with a financial or other professional adviser.
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