Aera Foundation is the cornerstone beneficiary and visionary behind Aera VC, a new venture capital investment community backing early stage companies fusing social and financial goals around the world. Our mission is to catalyse a global community of investors, advisors and families to accelerate entrepreneurs to be the best in the world and the best for the world. Visit to learn more, or see recent media coverage in and Fast Company.

The Aera Terms

Aera VC commits all company founders to the Aera Terms - a unique ’social term sheet,’ where the business’ social purpose and impact metrics must be clearly defined alongside its traditional financial goals. A ‘pay it forward’ clause pledges founders to specify how and where they will invest some of their own financial success from that venture towards future social, environmental, or philanthropic initiatives. Download the Aera Terms here.

The 'Lunch Bond'

In June 2016 Aera designed a groundbreaking social investment instrument: the "Lunch Bond" for social venture start-up Eat My Lunch - where every $1,000 investment earns 6% interest while providing a lunch to a Kiwi kid in need for every month the money is lent. The peer-to-peer lending campaign smashed its NZ$500K goal, raising more than NZ$815K within a month.